Первая RubyConfBY

Крупная технологическая конференция, посвященная Ruby, Rails и сопутствующим технологиям. Лидеры из Восточной и Западной Европы соберутся для обсуждения технологических аспектов и особенностей разработки на Ruby.


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Bozhidar Batsov

Bozhidar is the VP of Engineering of Toptal. He loves computers in general and programming in particular. His fanatic devotion to Emacs is known world-wide. Bozhidar spends a lot of his time on GitHub, contributing to various Ruby, Clojure and Emacs Lisp projects. In the Ruby community he's probably best known as the editor of the community-driven Ruby and Rails style guides and the author of the RuboCop code analyzer. Believe it or not, Bozhidar has interests outside computers as well! We won't, however, bore you with those here.

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Сергей Нартымов

Software engineer, контрибьютор в Ruby on Rails, Devise, Rubinius, Errbit, Elixir.


Cristiano Betta

Cristiano is a Senior Developer Advocate at Braintree and a long time Ruby guy. He has competed in over 60 hackathons and has organised more than 40. For BattleHack he wrote a system that follows hackers as they moved through the competition, tracking their programming languages, frameworks and success.

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Michal Papis

Michal is an open source developer. Writing code usually in Ruby and Shell. He loves to help others - to the extent it become his life mission to ""make the world a better place"". For last 4 years he was maintaining Ruby Version Manager, but from this month he will focus solely on finishing RVM v2. Since February Michal also Joined Try Catch to help developers find their dream jobs.

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Florian Gilcher

Florian is one of the board members of Ruby Berlin e.V., a non-profit created to support Ruby projects in Europe and around. He also runs community boards (both with and without Code as a topic). Moderation is his hobby. He was involved in the eurucamp and JRubyConf.EU.

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Nick Sutterer

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Katja Zorina

Founder webshaped.fi


Arne Brasseur

Arne is a developer, public speaker, programming coach, author and open-source contributor. With a passion for both human and programming languages, he has spent the last decade teaching and exploring the finer points of Ruby, LISP, Haskell, Mandarin Chinese, and others. When not hopping conferences or Pacific islands, he can be found at his home base in Berlin, brewing fine teas while pondering the future of open-source and the web.

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Saulius Grigaitis

Saulius Grigaitis founded largest Lithuanian Ruby on Rails consulting company NECOLT in 2006. Since then he leads Ruby teams for top brands and successful startups around the world. Saulius organises RubyConfLT conferences and delivers course Agile Development with Ruby at Vilnius University. There are only few things unrelated to Ruby in his life - passion to kiteboarding, surfing, snowboarding and other extreme sports are among it.

Андрей Власовских

Разработчик IDE PyCharm в JetBrains, эмулятора Vim для IDE на платформе IntelliJ. Автор библиотеки funcparserlib, генератора сайтов Obraz. Один из организаторов встреч по фунциональному программированию FProg.ru.

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Андрей Вокин

Разработчик IDE RubyMine в компании JetBrains

Сергей Сергиенко

Belarus Ruby User Group


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  • 10:30 — 11:10  

    Как Остап пилил стартап

    Валентин Завадский Подробнее

    Процесс создания и написания своего продукта чем-то похож на процесс поисках тех самых заветных стульев. По дороге от первоначальной идеи до ее успешной реализации и эксплуатации многие разработчики сталкиваются с большим количеством препятствий. Товарищ Бендер доложит нам про самые интересные проблемы и задачи которые приходилось решать нашей команде во время создания проекта Appcast.io

  • 11:15 — 11:55  

    Статический анализ кода в Ruby

    Андрей Вокин Подробнее
    + Андрей Власовских

    В докладе мы рассмотрим средства статического анализа кода для языка Ruby — средства, позволяющие находить ошибки в коде без его выполнения. Расскажем о том, какие проблемы способны находить эти инструменты. Сравним стили программирования Ruby и Python. А также, на примере RubyMine и PyCharm, мы покажем, как стиль программировавания влияет на подход к статическому анализу кода.

  • 11:55 — 12:15  


  • 12:15 — 12:55  

    The Elements of Style in Ruby

    Bozhidar Batsov Подробнее

    * The value of style
    * Core language style concepts
    * The relationship between style in natural and programming languages
    * Good style practices in Ruby
    * The community Ruby style guide
    * Enforcing consistent style in your Ruby projects

  • 13:00 — 13:40  

    Rails in production

    Сергей Нартымов Подробнее

    Существует множество различных аспектов, которые влияют на корректный запуск и эксплуатацию Rails приложений в production. В докладе будут рассмотрены серверы для Rack приложений, принципы их работы и взаимодействия с web серверами, особенности организации zero-downtime deploy. Также будет уделено внимание мониторингу приложений, способам логирования событий и сбору метрик.

  • 13:45 — 14:00  

    Совершенство в разработке программного обеспечения

    Сергей Сергиенко Подробнее

  • 14:00 — 15:00  


  • 15:00 — 15:40  

    Hackathons on Rails (A Ruby Love Story)

    Cristiano Betta Подробнее

    Every year Braintree runs a hackathon to find the best hackers in the world: BattleHack. We all know that the best hackers ride on Rails, but can we convince our fellow developers that this is true? In this talk he shares his insight into building a system that is used by 5000 hackers each year. What languages are the most popular? What platforms win? Is IoT as successful as it is popular? Does Rails win?

  • 15:45 — 16:25  

    Bundler to Rubygems - long live the Gemfile

    Michal Papis Подробнее

    Rubygems 2.0 had partial Gemfile support, with Rubygems 2.2 almost all of functionalities of Bundler can be replicated with Rubygems, lets stop using extra layers when the core already does what we want to achieve.

    The version numbers and scope might change but it's meant to be a presentation of the new rubygems features, the title was supposed to be catchy, but I understand if someone could be offended by it and I can agree on softer title

  • 16:25 — 16:45  


  • 16:45 — 17:25  

    Ruby Ping-Pong

    Florian Gilcher Подробнее
    + Katja Zorina

    Ruby's community is fueled by opinions. We will give you a few of them, by playing a bit of on-stage ping-pong. We're going to cover topics from open-source, community and also technology.

  • 17:30 — 18:10  

    See You On The Trail!

    Nick Sutterer Подробнее

    An introduction to Trailblazer, a new architectural style for Rails applications, stuffed with stories from my last decade of Open Source

  • 18:10 — 18:50  

    Ditch NodeJS - Ruby Threads FTW!

    Saulius Grigaitis Подробнее

    What if I say that you don't need to look at NodeJS, Go, Erlang, Rust of whatever high concurrency oriented environment if your Ruby app is demanding for high concurrency? I'm not fooling around ;) Ruby threads are really powerful tool, it's already proven with such successful projects as Sidekiq. I'll talk a story about how we ditched NodeJS and switched back to Ruby Threads for successful Europe based startup that was just acquired by USA based competitor for $8M.

  • 18:55 — 19:35  

    Hypermedia in Practice

    Arne Brasseur Подробнее

    Hypermedia APIs work like web pages, they contain links and controls, that dictate the available interactions. People have been talking about hypermedia API's for years, it's high time we move past the theory.

    At Ticketsolve, we've been building a hypermedia API and an Ember-based frontend over the last year and a half. Because this is still a young field it took some bootstrapping. We built and open sourced a Ruby library called Yaks that forms the engine of our API. What makes hypermedia great, and how to apply it in practice, you'll learn in this talk.

  • 19:35 — 20:00  

    Lightning talks


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